Friday, 1 June 2007

Match bomb

How to make a...MATCH BOMB!

Things needed:

1 matchbox(with 2 striking strips or as long as you have the 2 strips)

1 pair of scissors

Some tape


1. Cut off the match heads; leave as little wood on them as possible

2.Cut off the strking strips. Make 1 into a ring with the striking part inside and the other make into a "J" also with the strking part inside.tape them together to make an open capsule.

3.After taping them,fill in the match heads into the capsule and tape tightly a few times.

There.You hvae it. Go throw it at something hard and make it boom!

Thursday, 31 May 2007


Hi guys welcome to my blog..soon this blog will be updated with how-to-do stuff, pics and maybe videos of the stuff in action.Feel free to give any comments, suggstions and reviews on the projects in the tagbox.